Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My scanner messed with the colours a bit. i tried fixing it on the scanning programme itself but i'm sure i could adjust it better on photoshop or something but for now this will have to do. Her hair in the original is slightly more purpley while her skin tone's a lot paler. i need to work on my faces more though. i like how not everything's proportionate ( one eye is bigger one eyebrow is longer etc) but i've noticed that i stick to the same expression a lot. or they show no emotion. i think that's what i'm going for. emotion.
any face has some sort of expression. i think she looks sort of peaceful and sort of sad and whateverish.

if any one has any criticism constructive or otherwise it would be most welcome :)
the point of this is for me to see if i improve and to practice and try improve. it works a lot better than stuffing drawings in files and stacking sketchbooks in a cupboard :)